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The Digital Generation Has Arrived - Does Your Company Cater to Them?

They are referred to as Generation Z or The Digital Generation.
Born between 1991 and the early 2000's, this first generation of digital natives is fast becoming your newest batch of customers.
What does this mean for you? Is your business ready to satisfy customers who expect all of their communicating, information gathering and purchasing to be done online? Have you ever even heard of DAM software? If you answered no to any of the above then pay attention.
Last year 79% of consumers in the U.
made purchases online, Internet sales in the UK grew by 18% in a month and in NZ the number of online shoppers doubled since 2004.
So what can you do? It is very easy to say that your company needs to improve its online offerings but what are the practicalities behind making your company's products and services digitally accessible? The simple answer might be DAM software.
The acronym stands for digital asset management.
Digital assets are just that, digital non-tangible items, rather than traditional goods and services.
These digital assets are stored electronically, on a local hard drive (computer) or online, examples are photographs, music, images, archives, videos and manuals...
The list goes on.
DAM software has been developed to sit alongside company websites, to provide a secure place for companies to store digital assets and to act as a user-friendly platform from which customers can search and download them.
Some of the best DAM applications are remotely managed software solutions.
The software sits on a network online as opposed to on your own desktop.
Your digital assets are uploaded to a server, which your online customers will be redirected to.
Usually these applications can be easily customised to look just like another section of your own website.
Your customers will not know the difference! The advantage for your customers is access to a database of your products that is simple, secure and easy to search.
The advantages for you are just as good.
You won't need to pay a designer to develop a complicated customised website to host and display your digital assets.
What's more, DAM software is designed to be self-run so you will be able to upload and manage your own content instead of paying somebody else to maintain your website.
You will be able to set passwords and restrict access to files; you will even be able to keep track of the email addresses of customers who have downloaded your digital assets.
If you have files that you would like to make available to clients online, then you should look into a DAM software solution.
You could have your digital files online and available to customers before this afternoon is done.

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