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Arthritis Sufferer"s Should Definitely Treat These Foods With Caution

Arthritis is sometimes referred to as the 'cooked food disease'.
A high combined intake of cooked, sweet, processed and fatty food can be  characteristic in the development of arthritis.
Arthritis along with certain other serious diseases are more prevalent in western society.
Research shows that diseases such as arthritis, cancer, heart conditions are far less common in remote or more primitive areas of the world, the reason for this is not hard to see, our industrialised, modern environment is slowly killing us all.
The foods which cause the most confusion amongst nutritionists and arthritis professionals are those referred to as from the 'nightshade family', The group of foods known as nightshade contain a substance called alkaloid which is known to have an impact on nerve and digestive function in humans and animals.
I personally use less of these foods than I used too and I would advise you to do the same.
I found it beneficial to completely remove all nightshade foods to begin with and added them back into my diet slowly and one at a time.
If you add one of these caution foods at a time, it will become far more obvious which if any, are your personal triggers.
Potatoes (especially when green and sprouting),Tomatoes (especially when green), Hot peppers, Sweet peppers, Paprika, Eggplant,  Cayenne, Tobacco.
The amount of alkaloids contained in these foods is minimal, health problems arising from nightshade foods are rare and tend to only occur in individuals who are especially sensitive to these alkaloid substances, highly sensitive people are very likely to include arthritics.
While it is obvious that a healthy and nutritious food intake will indeed help the body repair itself, I also believe that for any arthritic to gain their best chance of reversing or curing their arthritis, they must tackle all elements of the disease at the earliest point.
Having said that diet could be a good place to start.

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