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How to File a Complaint With the FCC

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File a Complaint With the FCC


Visit the FCC's Complaint Web site (see Resources below). From here you will be able to navigate to the different complaint categories under the jurisdiction of the FCC.

Click on one of the four complaint definitions listed under "Step 1" on the site. Each governs a different type of problem encountered by consumers and the FCC. Indecency, for example, would be filed differently from a complaint about incessant telemarketing.

Choose one of the complaint filing methods listed under "Step 2." Filing electronically is the easiest and most efficient method, but filing by telephone or mail is also possible.

Provide all of the required information in order to file your complaint. An asterisk next to any field content name indicates that the field is required. For example, your first and last names as well as your address are required, but your middle initial is not.

Note that in order to file your complaint, you need to know the call sign, radio frequency or other specific identification of the offender. Without this information there is no way for the FCC to investigate your complaint.

Provide as many details as you possibly can in relation to your complaint. The time of day, the program in question, the name of the person contacting you (in the event of telemarketing) or anything else you can remember can prove vital for the FCC.

Click the "Submit" button once you've finished filling out the complaint form. This will transmit the complaint. You may be contacted in the future in regards to your complaint.

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