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Best Camera For Beginner Photographers - Canon T2i

It is the dream of many amateur photographers to take their skills up a notch or two.

The number of amateurs who are taking the leap to Digital SLR cameras is literally skyrocketing! Just what makes the Canon T2i the best camera for beginner photographers? "What," you may well ask, "are the things that set this particular camera apart from other entry-level Digital SLRs?"

One reason stands head and shoulders above all the others. It is simply the best DSLR camera for new photographers. No questions asked. Yes, there are those who would tout the virtues of other cameras, Nikon in particular, however, be assured that your decision to buy a T2i will be rewarded with quality and ease of use.

Speaking of user friendliness or ease of use, this camera really stands out among its competitors. As a point and shoot owner, you already have the basics of camera use and camera settings down pat. If this was not true, you would not be considering taking this all important step up to the next level.

The next thing to consider is interchangeable lenses. Probably one of the most important motivations for you getting a digital SLR camera is to have more control AND to get better images, right? It's kind of taken for granted. You will have not problem finding lenses for your new Canon T2i. Every lens manufactured for a Canon digital SLR will work on a Rebel T2i, and that's a ton of lenses. Not every manufacturer can make this claim. In fact most can't.

Not only do you have all the Canon lenses at your disposal, but you also get to choose from great third party manufacturers such as Sigma, Tamron, and Tokina. Not only are the lenses produced by these companys excellent, they are usually cheaper than a comparable lens made by Canon.

You will have at your disposal the widest variety of lenses possible, whether your photography style is landscape, people, nature, or "you name it."

Next is something that may just be in the back of your mind, but it is probably there, none the less. It is something know as "Photography Envy." This is a valid point if you think about it. Canon is one of the most recognizable names in photography. You have, no doubt, seen and envied those with the monster cameras and lenses. Isn't that one of the factors that got you started thinking that you "needed" one of these cameras? It's OK, you can confess it here. You are among friends.

If you show up on the scene sporting a new Canon Rebel T2i, you will attract attention. Add to that a big white lens that literally shouts CANON. There is no hiding one of those. And you don't want to hide it. You want everyone to see that you are "The Photographer."

But wait, there's more. The total effect of the coolness that comes from carrying a Canon T2i involves even more. People will now actually consider you either a professional or close to it. Whether it's true or not, people just normally jump to that conclusion.

That's it, beginner photographer. Get the Canon T2i because it's the best. In spite of all the talk and hype over which camera is the best, most will agree that the Canon Rebel T2i is an excellent choice. So, if you are aspiring to make money or gain notoriety, choosing the Canon Rebel is a no-brainer.

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