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Life Expectancy of a Central Heating System

The life expectancy of a central heating system is around twenty to twenty five years. You can expect your central heating system to operate trouble free for at least twelve to fifteen years. That is a long time, but when you compare the life expectancy of a central heating system with the life expectancy of a window unit that is heat and air you will see that the central heating system will outlast the window unit by several years.

The window units that provide both cool and hot air have an average life expectancy of no more than three years. You do not pay as much for these items as you do for the larger centralized units, but you do have the inconvenience of losing your air conditioning unit in the middle of summer and having to go shop for another one and then have the new one installed. With the centralized units you will more than likely only install one or two of these items during the time you reside in a home.

Space heaters are much cheaper than the centralized units, for the most part. The space heater is not designed to be used more than a couple of years before you have to replace these items. The replacement cost will vary depending on the time of year that you have to make the purchase, the size of the device you have to buy, and whether you can install the item for yourself or you whether you will need a professional technician to install them for you.

In order to increase the life expectancy of your centralized unit you should have a professional technician do a yearly check on the unit to troubleshoot it for problems. This once a year maintenance check will cost you very little money and will prolong the life of your heater by as many as five to ten years.

You can also do your own maintenance checks to help prevent your unit from having problems or becoming broken. You should clean the air filter on the return air-port frequently. Some units have air filters that you can clean with warm soapy water and some of them have air filters that must be replaced. Be sure that you know where your air filter is located and what type of filter you have. If you have the type of filter that must be replaced it is smart to buy several of these items and have them on hand so that you always have one when you need one.

The economy is forcing people who at one time never gave a thought to having to increase the life of an appliance to learn to take better care of their devices. This is not a bad thing. Responsibility for the things we own and the community we live in should be something that every person feels and practices on a daily basis. The more life you get from your appliances the better off your wallet and the universe are.

Central heating system maintenance is one of the most important ways that you can increase the amount of time your unit works for you. The average life expectancy of a central heating system is between twenty and twenty five years. For more information click here.

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