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IPL Lasers: Less Invasive Yet More Effective

IPL Lasers are among the most admired cosmetic treatments today.
Cosmetic laser treatment not only provides an amazing improvement for facial complexions, it is also less invasive and a more effective solution for skin improvement.
Intense Pulsed Light or IPL therapy is a non-invasive procedure that makes use of broad light spectrum emissions to improve the skin's appearance.
Various skin problems including spider veins, unwanted birthmarks, vascular lesions, freckles, age marks, mild acne, wrinkles, stretch marks and unwanted hair can be treated using different IPL equipment.
IPL Lasers - A Better Solution Before the introduction of IPL Lasers and cosmetic laser therapies, injections were considered the best and fastest remedies for plumping withered complexions and for fading wrinkles.
Laser treatments have come a long way and are used not only to tone skin but also to treat different skin problems such as skin discolorations, age spots and sun damage.
Although injections are considered fast fixes for treating skin and reducing the signs of aging, people refrain from "going through the needle".
Cosmetic Lasers are an excellent alternative as they are less invasive and yet provide similar results.
IPL Laser treatment is non-ablative.
This means that the light permeates through all the layers of skin, i.
from the outer layer to the layers beneath.
The purpose behind such a therapy is leaving the outer skin layers undamaged.
As compared to other invasive methods, the IPL skin rejuvenation process rarely involves use of anesthesia as patients experience little to no pain.
At the maximum, patients will feel a slight prickling sensation.
After the treatment, the patients are allowed to return to their regular daily routine immediately.
Another benefit of IPL laser treatment is fast results.
Only a single IPL Laser treatment can deliver visible results.
Although some skin conditions may require multiple sessions, the desired results can be achieved very fast.
Most of the people who have undergone IPL laser treatment have felt an improved complexion and an even skin tone in just one session.
Two or more sessions can be used to correct broken capillaries, typically those around the nose.
IPL treatments are also used to treat liver spots, age spots, skin hyper pigmentation, wrinkles and age spots.
How IPL Technology Works IPL Laser technology makes use of a filtered flashlamp to admit laser beams of high intensity.
The energy-filled laser beams are channeled through the outermost layer of the skin to target unwanted cells present on the skin.
This technology either destroys or completely dissolves dead skin cells, melanin and other unwanted cells.
It is completely safe to use and the surrounding cells remain untouched so that no harm comes to the skin.
IPL laser treatment also promotes new cell growth so that skin looks younger and newer.
Research the Equipment It is important to assure that the IPL laser equipment is being used in an authentic IPL machine.
The machine should only use a broad-spectrum light and not LED or other harmful wavelengths.
The machine must also comply with the American Academy of Dermatology.

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