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Make an Awesome First Impression on a Woman - Make Her Melt For You the Second You First Meet

You only get one chance to make a first impression therefore it is very important that you know how to make a good impression on a woman when you first meet her because therefore you will stand out in her mind and become a possible attractive mate for getting physical with later on.
The problem is most guys do not know how to make a good impression and end up making an average one by not standing out enough or a below average one by being very nervous causing the women to become nervous as well.
In this article I will outline some tips you can apply that can help you make a very positive and memorable impression on a woman.
One thing you must consider when making a first impression is to be different.
Too many guys are average and to a woman average is boring.
Instead of dressing like everyone else, buy yourself a cool accessory to stand out or instead of shaking the girls hand give her a high five instead.
Techniques such as this will make you stand out and create a positive impression on the women you are meeting.
One thing you should avoid doing is trying too hard.
You may have fallen into this habit by bragging too much or talking about yourself too much.
This is a sure fire way to create a bad impression in a woman.
Instead of trying so hard learn not to try at all and just focus on giving off positive emotions and having a good time.
The less you care and the more you appear to be enjoying yourself the more the woman will like you.
Women love positive emotions so the more laid back and funny you are the more she will be into you.

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