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How to Apply for University Scholarships in Ontario

    • 1). Find a scholarship for which you qualify. The best place to find scholarships available to you is through your university's financial aid office. Your high school's guidance counselor will also have information on what scholarships are available. The websites for the Ontario School Counsellor's Association and Scholarships Canada also have lists of scholarships available to Ontario university students.

    • 2). Complete your application package. You can get scholarship application packages from your university's financial aid office, your high school guidance counselor or directly from the scholarship-granting organization. Application requirements vary depending on the scholarship, but you generally need to include your academic transcripts, letters of reference from teachers or supervisors and your own letter explaining why you feel you are a good candidate for the scholarship. Some scholarships may require proof of community work or athletic achievement.

    • 3). Submit your application. For most scholarships, you can submit your application through your university's financial aid office. Some scholarships, particularly those offered by private, non-educational organizations, require that you submit the application directly to them. Pay close attention to the deadlines listed on the scholarship application. Many scholarships have application deadlines that fall long before the start of the academic year.

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