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Relationships: How Much Grief Before It"s Too Much?

Even though it is true that grief is something that is a part of life, it can also be the worst and most difficult parts of anyone's life.
Often it is very difficult to understand and for most it seems as if by the end of the day they have just finished a long and sorrowful journey alone.
Many people who are going through grief will explain it as feeling as if they are all alone even when there are loved ones around them, they often feel as if may they are just losing their mind and it is like the rest of the world around them is just speeding by and they feel as if they are trapped inside of some bubble watching it all pass them by and they don't know if they will ever feel normal again.
When someone is going through great emotional grief and are in a close relationship with someone else often times the other person may not feel the same grief as they do and will feel as if they too are alone and they may become confused about the whole situation.
They want their spouse or loved one to feel better however, they simply don't know how they can help or what will make them feel better.
They also deeply want them to return to the person they were before everything happened.
Often resentment can even set in because they want the person who is grieving to be able to support them again and since they can't they often feel rejected and pushed away.
What one needs to realize is that when a person is going through grief they simply no longer have the ability or capacity to give as much to their relationship as they did prior to the tragedy that struck their lives.
They feel overwhelmed and consumed with the loss and they are having problems coping with all the different feelings that come with grief.
Many couples find it difficult during these trying times and often it can build a wedge between them that might never go away if they don't try and get help from a therapist that understands the process of grieving.
When it has become an issue for the couple then it is important to seek out help.
Professionals are there to help with a variety of different relationship issues so it is important for couples who are finding it difficult to overcome the grief and what it is doing to their relationship to find someone on the outside that can help and support them without judging them.

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