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Paranormal News and Views for April 20, 2013

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Mayan head found on Google Earth
An amazing image has been discovered on Google Earth showing what looks like a gigantic Mayan Chieftain in full head dress. And, oh yeah, he's listening to an iPod through an earbud headset... (Note: After you click the link, turn off the top frame to see the page.)


Odd rock covered in unidentifiable hieroglyphics rumored to cast spells
A massive rock donated to the Hung Kings Temple in the Vietnamese province of Phu Tho, might be more than just a strangely decorated paper weight.

The massive stone which has been put on display at the Thuong Temple is approximately 50 centimeters high and has been carved in the shape of a sail, but it's the designs on the stone that have caught the attention and imagination of nearly everyone who lays eyes on it...


La Toya Jackson seeks 'psychic' help in Michael Jackson death investigation
La Toya Jackson is left speechless due to tremendous support and love shown for her late brother, Michael Jackson, on the next episode of "Life with La Toya." After attending a memorial service, Jackson enlists the help of a psychic, who tells her that Michael's spirit is in their former home in Gary, Indiana...

How I learned to be psychic
Aidan Kelly: In order to explain my theories about the nature of consciousness, I need to first relate how I became convinced that our minds have talents that cannot be explained in the Newtonian universe that most of us live in in our daily lives. I have no natural talent for being psychically sensitive.

Instead, I learned to get on with each day's business, and those feelings included any intuitive impulses...
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Black-eyed kids: When paranormal entities change their own rules
Someone alone is approached by children or teens that try to talk their way into a house/car/secluded spot. The children seem strange, then the person notices their all black eyes. The person slams the door and the story is over...
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Was Marina Chapman really brought up by monkeys?
Is Marina Chapman a survivor or a fantasist? We meet the Bradford woman who claims she was raised in the jungle by monkeys - and who still enjoys nothing more than grooming her family...


Caboolture man claims he saw UFO twice, with unexplained lights in the sky making strange manoeuvres
A Caboolture man has reported multiple sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects just 2km out from the main town centre. Josh Philip, of Broadway Court, claims he saw two UFOs, one on January 5 near his home and another on January 30 flying over nearby Toohey Street. The first sighting, he said, was of a bright white light travelling much slower and lower than a normal plane...

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