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Are You Looking After Your Laptop?

Every day we see laptops arriving in our workshop for repair simply because the owner did not know how to look after it.
And, who knew that moving the laptop when plugged in can break the power connector on the motherboard? In truth, most people do not find these things out until they go terribly wrong! This article aims to help prevent some of these problems by providing some laptop best use tips.
Less is more - Performance Tips One of the most common problems we deal with is "My laptop is running slow, can you help it?" If you are anything like me, you will install programs and never use them again.
If you have too many programs installed, your computer may slow down.
Go to your start menu and find any programs you no longer need on your laptop.
Uninstall them using the Control Panel.
A laptop needs Air! Ever think your laptop is heating up too much? If you use your laptop on your knee, then it is not getting proper ventilation.
This can lead to expensive hardware problems and health problems for you! The simple solution is to use your laptop on a lap tray - you know those things you use when you eat in front of the telly? The ideal solution is to use your laptop on a desk - but realistically this negates the advantage of having a laptop! Generally avoid using your laptop on soft surfaces.
The Power is Important! You know that point where the power lead connects into the laptop? That connection can be very fragile.
If it breaks, usually we have to repair the connector on the motherboard.
It is a time consuming job, therefore quite costly.
If you want to prevent this from happening, always remove the power lead from the laptop before you move to get up and answer the phone etc.
It is a habit I have got into since I broke a power connector a few years ago.
I bought a new laptop and now all sorts of messages are popping up New laptops are not exempt from getting viruses.
Many laptop shops do not sell the laptop with anti-virus software set up.
This is why we ensure that AVG is configured on all the laptops we sell.
AVG is free and, if kept up to date, will keep most viruses out! If you don't have any anti-virus software installed or if it is out of date, then do it now and save a visit to the local computer repair shop! If you do notice your laptop running slowly or messages popping up, then the sooner you can get it to your computer repair shop, the better.
Keep in mind that most warranties will not cover software problems.
Loud clicking noises from the hard disk are NOT normal! Many of our repairs have involved replacing a hard disk.
This part of your laptop will not last forever.
It is the most important part as it holds all your programs and files.
One of the worst scenarios in our workshop is breaking the news to a customer that their hard disk has stopped working and it is too late to recover the data.
Years of photos are lost.
In most cases, we can still retrieve data from a hard disk which is broken, but some circumstances require specialist techniques which are extremely costly.
So, our advice to you is: Back up your data (if you are not sure how, then contact your local repair shop and they will advise).
If you do hear clicking noises from your hard disk, then don't wait long before calling in for assistance.
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