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How to Build a Fish-Breeding Tank

    • 1). Set up your aquarium. Be sure that you have all of the correct filters, air pumps and gravel in place. Stock it with the type of fish that you would like to begin breeding.

    • 2). Read up on your type of fish to determine how to tell the difference between males and females. Then, read about how to tell when a male and female fish are going to reproduce and how to do this correctly, depending on the type of fish that you are breeding.

    • 3). Lower the breeding and baby net into the fish tank. This should be a small and square net that will hook to the top of your fish tank. Water will be able to get into this box, but fish will not until you have put them in it.

    • 4). Place the breeding pair into the net carefully, and pay attention to what the book has said about breeding fish.

    • 5). Observe the pair, and when you have a female fish that is going to be pregnant, remove the males and leave her alone in the box.

    • 6). As soon as the baby fish have been born, remove the mother fish and allow the smaller ones to be alone in the fish breeding tank portion of your regular tank.

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