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How to Send Free Ring Tones to My Cell Phone

    Making a Ring Tone

    • 1). Download and install Audacity Audio Editor. It is a free download that can be found through an Internet search.

    • 2). Download and install LAME MP3. The link can be found on the Audacity website.

    • 3). Open Audacity.

    • 4). Click "File" or "Project" and "Import" the audio file you would like to use as a ring tone.

    • 5). Click and drag over the section of the file you would like to use as your ring tone. The highlighted section should be between 20 and 40 seconds.

    • 6). Click "Edit" and "Trim" to cut the unused sections of the file.

    • 7). Click "File" and "Export as MP3." Create a new file name for the shortened MP3 so it doesn't interfere with the original file. Click "Save."

    • 8). Locate "lame_enc.dll" on your computer. It should be in the folder for the LAME mp3. Once it is located, the file will be exported as an MP3 to your computer.

    Sending Ringtones

    • 1). Obtain your phone's email address. Addresses vary by carrier. If you do not know your phone's email, you can send a picture message from your phone to you another email account (your computer-based email). The return address will be your phone's email address.

    • 2). Attach the MP3 ring tone to a message and send it to your phone's email address.

    • 3). Open the message on your phone and save the ring tone to your phone.

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