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Nokia Prism - Set Yourself Apart

The quad band Nokia 7500 Prism is an advanced handset that boasts a wonderful design and high performance in slim body.
The device featuresa 2 inch screen is powered by OLED technology, microUSB, 1GB of memory on board and 2 megapixel camera with flash.
The Nokia 7900 Prism is aimed at fashion conscious consumers.
With a combination of individual style and avand-garde technology.
The cutting-edge colors, materials and graphics are some of the impressive features of the handset.
The dual band 3G technology offers fast and easy downloads and browsing.
The attractive features of the Nokia Prism include user interface series 40 3rd edition, 2 megapixel digital camera with up to 8x digital zoom, display of 2.
0" OLED with up to 16M colors, 1GB internal memory, dual band 3G and quad band GSM connectivity and standby time of up to 10 days.
The Nokia 7500 features a "living wallpaper", that changes throughout the day.
You get a gallery choice of 49 illumination colors and the colour radiates once selected.
Another Prism handset, the Nokia 7500 Prism offers a cutting-edge technology with amazing features like 2.
0 megapixel camera with video record and playback, MP3 player, 2 inch OLED display.
Data transfer is easy with features like USB, GPRS and EDGE technology.
With the MicroSD card slot, you have room for all video clips, pictures, music tracks and content downloads.
Browse the internet over the GPRS.
Getdelighted to hold the unique Nokia 7500 Prism which is a useful business tool and a fashion phone.
Just go online and go through the mind boggling offers with Nokia Prism.
Explore the attractive offers and deals and get yourself the best handset.
You would surely get the deal that would fit into your budget and needs.
So set yourself apart with these impressive gadgets incorporating a geometric design and high-tech features.

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