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How to Change Your Name While Under 18 in Australia

    • 1). Contact the NSW Registry of Births and Marriages. Set an appointment to pick up required documents for a name change.

    • 2). Pick up an application for "change of name child" and "statutory declaration to change the name of a child." Fill both of these out with accurate and complete information.

    • 3). Locate a qualified witness. This can be a notary public or justice of the peace. Have him officially witness your signature on your documents.

    • 4). Gather three forms of identification and the child's original birth certificate. Three forms have to be your birth certificate, your driver's license and a library card, credit card or medicare card. You must also provide a current passport photo of the parent or legal guardian and minor signed on the back by a guarantor attesting that it is a true photograph of the applicant.

    • 5). Submit your applications in person or via mail. Current processing times can range from same day (if processed in person) to four weeks for mailed applications. As of 2010, fees for changing your name while under 18 can vary from $140 for non-urgent forms to $180 for urgent forms.

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