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Building Your Car a Water Car - Is Necessity Mother of All Inventions?

They say necessity is the mother of invention.
The invention of the water car concept has also been borne out of an acute necessity to deal with rising fuel prices.
Since global oil prices have hit the roof, consumers have no option but to sacrifice their expenditure on other things and use it on fuel instead; which anyway goes up in smoke.
In other words, only 25 percent of gasoline is actually used to run the car, the remaining is wasted.
Consumers have had not much of a choice and have to painstakingly endure the rising fuel costs.
However the water car concept, which has caught the fancy of people in the past few months, is fast proving to be an ideal solution to save money on fuel and make the environment cleaner.
There are people who have voiced their arguments about the water car saying that it is not needed and that it can add more woes to existing problem.
However their arguments are baseless considering the fact, that one day, there will be no more gasoline left, as it is a non-renewable source of energy.
The water car concept, which involves making use of the HHO or Brown's Gas derived from water, is indeed novel and workable.
This leads to a significantly lesser amount of gaseous emission and efficient utilization of the existing fuel, which is gasoline.
By now, you may have understood that water does not entirely replace gasoline, but enhances the functionality of gasoline to burn fuel efficiently.
The water car concept has been even given a go-ahead by the Bell laboratories.
The government is also positive about the water car idea, which is why it is giving a rebate of up to 2000 dollars for anyone running his or her car on water.
Building a car to run on water is easy.
You can find help in the form of downloadable user guides and videos, which show how you can assemble and install the hydrogen fuel cell.
All the supplies to build a water fuel kit can be bought from a local hardware store.
Water fuel kits are normally in the form of ebooks and manuals, which show you how easy it is to build a water car.
There are many people who are able to save money to the extent of $4000 or more per year by running their vehicles on water.
It is time; you took a smart decision too.
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