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Should We Believe in Astrology?

Astrology is the belief that the relative positions of planets, stars and moon can tell us about our personalities and other details of our human affairs on the earth.
Someone who studies astrology is known as an astrologer and they believe that the movements and positions of celestial bodies in our sky can tell us about past and present events and even predict the future.
It is thought of as a Pseudoscience, which is a belief that is presented as scientific but lacks supporting evidence and cannot be reliably tested.
Because of this it's not surprising how many people think it's all a load of mumbo jumbo.
Like psychics and mediums which are hard to prove scientifically many people think it's just rubbish.
I often say to sceptic people...
When you walk into a room where two people have just had an argument and you can feel an atmosphere, how do you know it's there? You can feel it but you can't see.
You would bet money that an argument occurred but what are you basing your feeling on.
Instinct? There are many things in life which we can't explain, or certainly couldn't in the past.
As we evolve and money is spent in sciences and anything thought of as pseudoscience only then will have some scientific facts to base our beliefs on.
The only way to test astrology it is to look into it yourself, get a personal birth chart and make your own decisions.
There is more to it than the 12 horoscope signs you might find in a local paper, so if you believe or disbelieve based on reading a daily horoscope then you may come to the wrong conclusion.
To get a true reading an astrologer needs to know the day, date and place of your birth.
If can give the time of your birth this will give you the most accurate reading.
My own personal beliefs have changed since looking into astrology and having a friend as an astrologer.
I used to think horoscopes and astrology was a bit farfetched, which is unlike me because I am very open to spirituality and the like and have many beliefs my friends think are crazy.
But having had a few charts and personal readings I believe there is something in it.
This astrologer friend rarely knows me, he is a new person in my life, but he has told me things about me that are spot on.
He uses the Astrology lingo to explain things like, the reason I am a perfectionist is because mercury is my ruler or whatever.
There have been too many traits which he reeled off to me using his terminology to explain the reasons why.
If you want to have your eyes opened and wowed by the world of astrology then look into it.
You can get many free birth charts and readings and if you want a more personal and targeting reading regarding matters of the heart, career or family then this is possible.
Look for a more experienced astrologer one who has been practicing a while.
You may still not believe but some of you will be astounded like I was.

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