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(cfs) Wrong Medication May Be Causing Your Depression

Feeling listless and tired all the time?. Finding it difficult to concentrate or remember things?. No energy. Suffer muscle and joint aches for no apparent reason. Finding it difficult to decide what to do?.

If you have felt like this for some time, then there is a possibility you could be suffering for (CFS) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

However, a visit to your local Doctor with these symptoms and the chances are you will be diagnosed with depression and prescribed treatment for such

Millions of people in the USA and Europe are taking anti depressants, but according to a new medical report, many of these patients arent mentally ill or suffering from depression, but have been miss-diagnosed and the real cause of their malaise is (CFS Chronic fatigue Syndrome

The report claims that in many cases the medical professions approach to mental illness and depression in particular is wrong, with Doctors often mistaking symptoms of a physical condition for depression

A study by an American psychiatrist found that more that ten percent of patients diagnosed with mental health problems are actually suffering from an underlying physical condition, such as a heart murmur or

mineral deficiency such as calcium or magnesium that causes depression-like symptoms. But they didnt go on to mention (CFS) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Another study found that more that 40 percent of patients diagnosed as suffering from depression were found to have taken medication that actually caused depression as a side effect. Its not widely known that some asthma treatments can cause depression

In another recent report from Bristol University in the UK, it was estimated that 40 percent of mental health cases in England receive the wrong kind of treatment for their condition.

The main cause of this misdiagnosis is that many Doctors treat these symptoms under One umbrella approach to treating mental health patients. However, (CFS) Chronic Fatigue sufferers are not necessarily suffering from depression.

The problem is that confronted with a mental health problem, many doctors are too quick to prescribe a mind altering pill, rather than to think of some other form of treatment. This is the way they have been trained, but often not the solution

From past experience, after months of numerous tests, I was offered antidepressant for the very same symptoms in the opening paragraph of this article. It was only on the insistence from our family Doctor that I finally found a specialist, that understood the reasons why I felt so ill, and correctly diagnosed that (CFS) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was the cause

You might say, by default, the doctors have got it right! The (CFS) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome illness is triggered of due to a biochemical disturbance within the nervous system in the brain. These complex neurotransmitters become disturbed by the illness process, and part of the treatment included
antidepressants to regulate these neurotransmitters individually.

This is no "quick fix" method of recovery from (CFS) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It involves self-discipline, patience and perseverance. Ideally it will also involve plenty of support from family.

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