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How to Make Beef Jerky for a Dog

    • 1). Trim the beef to remove any fat.

    • 2). Cut the beef into thin 6-inch slices. Try to keep the slices around ¼ inch thick, but no larger than ½ inch. Make sure that you cut the beef against the grain.

    • 3). Add nonstick spray to the racks of your food dehydrator. Place the beef jerky strips on the racks. Replace the lid on the dehydrator.

    • 4). Dehydrate the beef at 145 degrees. Follow the instructions that came with your food dehydrator if you do not have a temperature setting.

    • 5). Check on the beef jerky after six hours. The jerky is finished dehydrating once it bends without breaking. The meat will be pliable and dark. The beef jerky will not take longer than 12 hours.

    • 6). Store the jerky strips in a plastic container in your refrigerator. Feed your dog these beef jerky strips as snacks or special treats.

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