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A Safe and Easy Way to Peel an Avocado Like a Pro

Slice the Avocado in Half

Hold the avocado in one hand or place it on a cutting board. Using a chef knife, cut through the center of the avocado lengthwise until the knife comes in contact with the pit. Without removing the knife, make a continuous slice around the pit until the knife meets the initial incision point.

Separate the Halves

With the knife still in the avocado, twist it slightly to separate the two halves.

Remove the Pit 1

Place the avocado half with the pit onto a hard surface, pit side up. Strike the pit with the blade of the knife with enough force so the knife is embedded in the pit. If you pick up the knife, the avocado half should stick to the blade.

Remove the Pit 2

While holding the avocado in one hand, twist the knife and pull away. The pit should easily come out of the avocado.

Removing the Skin

Hold one half of the avocado in your hand. Insert a spoon between the skin and the pulp (the edible portion of the avocado). Gently remove the pulp by running the spoon around the edge keeping it as close to the skin as possible. Repeat with other half.

If you're careful, you can remove the pulp in one piece. Scrape out any remaining pulp that may be attached to the skin. Use the spoon to remove any discolored spots on the pulp (these will have an off color taste).

Avocado pulp discolors very fast when exposed to air. Use the peeled fruit immediately or cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate. You can also freeze avocado pulp. Mash the pulp with two tablespoons of lime juice and place in an airtight container with a maximum of 1 inch headspace. Use refrigerated avocado pulp within one or two days. Frozen it will last up to six months.

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