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Minoxidil For Hair Loss - Real Steps to Treat Your Hair Loss

In this article I'm going to talk about Minoxidil for Hair Loss.
Many times people look directly to DHT blockers when they are trying to treat their hair.
Although they are great in helping your body to stop additional hair loss, they cannot replace Minoxidil.
It is the only FDA approved hair loss medicine that has been tested by professionals and proved to help stimulate new hair growth.
In this article I'm going to talk more about this effective hair loss solution.
Background - Minoxidil was actually originally made to treat sufferers of high blood pressure.
One of the unintended effects patients saw was a dramatic increase in the rate of their hair growth.
The FDA went on to clinically test the validity of Minoxidil and eventually confirmed that it is a viable solution to help treat hair loss.
How it Works - It is actually not very clear as to how Minoxidil specifically works to increase hair growth.
What is known is that it directly effects hair follicles to increase in number and diameter.
It has been confirmed by the FDA to have positive effects on both men and women.
Does it Work? - From the user feedback I've read from testimonial sites, I've heard great things from many past users.
Many used the 2% solution and saw strong results.
Others tried the 5% solution and even found better results.
Important Points To Note: Although Minoxidil for hair loss is something you should definitely add into your lifestyle, you shouldn't limit yourself to just using this treatment.
Those that have seen the most effective results in treating their hair loss used multiple solutions for for their hair, combating their hair loss from a few different angles.
You should definitely look to block your DHT.
Saw Palmetto is one of the best herbs to help inhibit the enzyme that produces DHT which in effect would stop you hair loss.
There are also several essential vitamins and minerals you need to make sure you're giving your body which includes Biotin, Vitamin B6, and Magnesium.
I would suggest looking into herbal hair loss formulas.
The reason being is because they will usually encompass all of the important solutions described.
Many contain Minoxidil, have DHT blockers like Saw Palmetto, and contain the important supplements your body needs.
For this reason, herbal hair loss formulas is an option that may show you the results your are looking to find.

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