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Stiga Optimum Plus Table Tennis Blade Review - Flared Handle Version

Forum member cmetsbeltran15 has kindly contributed this review of the Stiga Optimum Plus table tennis blade. Thanks cmetsbeltran15!

Player Level and Style

Shakehander with inverted rubber both sides. All around offensive player. Mark V, unglued. 1700 USATT.


The Stiga Offensive Classic blade, with new Crystal Technology on blade surface.
  1. Decently fast, yet controllable for spin loopers. Stiga rates the speed 90.

  1. Stiga lists the control as 68. Don't let this fool you. It is quite controllable, as long as your technique is correct.
  2. Best for power loopers and hitters.
  3. Fast, with acceptable but not too much dwell time.

Who Will Like It

  • Speed gluers who are tired of blades chipping when they reglue.
  • Power loopers and hitters, offensive players, drivers.

Who Will Hate It

Choppers, people who rely on LOTS of spin.

Marketing Claim - According to Stiga

New STIGA Optimum PLUS Blade Combines Crystal Technology with Offensive Classic Wood. STIGA's recently introduced Optimum SYNC blade, with Crystal Technology, has gratifyingly become very popular. While most players who try it, love it, a few have requested a faster blade. As we always do our best to listen to our customers, we are very happy to present the newest member of our Crystal Technology line: the Optimum PLUS. The Optimum PLUS is a five-ply blade that uses the same outer plies as the best-selling STIGA Offensive Classic blade. It is faster than the Optimum SYNC, although the Optimum SYNC is a bit lighter.Thanks to Crystal Technology, the Optimum PLUS is much lighter than most blades of a similar speed. Crystal Technology (CT) is STIGA's unique process that hardens the surface of the blade, thus increasing its speed. You'll be amazed both by the crystalline appearance of blades treated with CT and also by the extra zip on all your shots.


Quite a light blade, listed at 80+-5 grams. I used the Flared Small handle. Larger head than most Offensive blades (15.9 cm in height), five wood plies. 6.8 mm high.
Stiffness: Medium-hard

Initial Impressions

Nice looking handle, Crystal Technology on surface of blade makes regluing a breeze.

Playing Impressions

Used with Mark V 2.0mm rubber. Fast blade, ideal for loopers and hitters. More controllable than I expected to be. Mark V isn't all that fast a rubber, so this thing must be really fast when paired with an OFF+ rubber. The Crystal Technology hardens the surface, so dwell time is not too long, but long enough to load up the ball with spin, and I have no trouble serving. A nice all wood blade, ideal for power loopers, yet still acceptable for hitters. This blade is used by Pierre Luc-Hinse and Xavier Therien of Canada. If you like slow, spinny loops, you might want to try a softer blade with a little more dwell time. Overall, I give the blade an A-.


Ideal for close to the table loopers and mid distance loopers. Good for spinning, not excellent, as the blade is pretty hard and doesn't allow too much dwell time. Still, highly recommended. If you speed glue, you will love the Crystal Technology, which protects the top of the blade, and allows for easier removal of rubbers. Best paired with soft-medium rubbers if you want to spin the ball, if you want to kill the ball, use OFF to OFF+ as long as you can control it. Only recommended for players higher than 1450 USATT in level.
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