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How to Troubleshoot a BlackBerry Calendar

    Battery Pull

    • 1). Remove the back of your BlackBerry device and pull the battery. Pulling the battery performs a hard reset on your device.

    • 2). Leave the battery out for at least 30 seconds.

    • 3). Put the battery back in, and put the back onto your device. The device should restart.

    • 4). Hold down the power button if it doesn't automatically restart.

    Syncing Issue

    • 1). If your BlackBerry calendar displays appointments different from your Outlook calendar, you are experiencing a syncing issue.

    • 2). Go to your BlackBerry calendar, press the menu button and click "Options."

    • 3). Choose the calendar you wish to sync. Switch "Wireless Synchronization" to "No" and save.

    • 4). Connect your BlackBerry to your computer, and open the Desktop Manager.

    • 5). Choose "Backup and Restore." Click the "Advanced" button. Select "Calendar," and click "Clear."

      Go to "Calendar" on your BlackBerry device, press the menu button and click "Options." Choose the same calendar again, switch "Wireless Synchronization" to "Yes" and save.

    Calendar Displays Incorrect Time

    • 1). Check the time zone on your computer by double-clicking on the clock in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

    • 2). Click the "Time Zone" tab and confirm that your computer's time zone setting is your actual time zone.

    • 3). Check the time zone on your BlackBerry device by going to the main menu and clicking "Options."

    • 4). Select the "Data and Time" option to ensure that the time zone your BlackBerry has been set to reflects your actual time zone.

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