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The Samsung Galaxy S3 And The Iphone 4s-we Take A Look At Processing Power

After a very long wait we have finally had the opportunity to spend some time with the excellent new Samsung Galaxy S3. This new device offers some really impressive specification coupled with a wide range of great features. We take a look at this new phone and see how it shapes up against one of the leading smartphones available, the iPhone 4S. Here we see how the phones differ for processing power and also how camera features compare on both models.

Both of these models are very evenly matched when it comes to processing power and performance. The new Samsung Galaxy S3 is the first quad core device to be produced by the company. The models runs on the ARM Cortex A9 architecture which includes a powerful 1.4Ghz Exynos 4212 processor which delivers some exceptional operation speeds. A powerful graphics processing unit is also on hand in the shape of a Mali 400MP chip. As one would expect the model performed flawlessly with no noticeable delay in loading applications or rendering internet pages. The iPhone 4S uses a more modest set up which includes a dual core 1Ghz ARM Cortex A9 based processor and a PowerVR SGX543MP2 graphics processing unit. On paper this set up may look inferior to what the new Samsung device offers but in practice it delivers an almost identical user experience thanks to the excellent optimisation of the iOS operating system which makes full use of every element of the processor.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4S both incorporate excellent camera features capable of capturing superb photographs and high quality video footage. The new S3 includes a still camera capable of recording images at a resolution of 8 million pixels. This feature is backed up by a wealth of additional features including an LED flash and face detection. On area where the Samsung does impress us is with some of the extra features that the camera feature boasts. A great example of this is the multi shot mode which will record a series of photographs in quick succession and then choose the best from this series of snaps. Users are also given the facility to capture photos while recording video footage at the same time. The model features a secondary front facing camera with a 2 mega pixel resolution and video is recorded at a resolution of 1080P. The iPhone 4S features a very similar camera feature to the S3. Video and still image resolution is the same from the primary camera although the Apple phone does lack some of the excellent new features that the Samsung offers. Image quality is very good however and this is helped by the developers including a wider aperture to enhance photographic quality. Both of these new models produce fantastic results but we feel that the new Galaxy S3 offers users more in the way of features in addition to a superior secondary camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 looks set to be a hugely popular model and the handsets compares very well with the iPhone 4S, one of the leading devices currently available. Both device offer excellent performance speeds although the Samsung offers the higher specification while the new S3 outshines it rival for photography thanks to the excellent features that it offers.

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