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Moon Goddess"s Full Moon March 2011

Engage with me for my last Full Moon of this zodiac year 2010-2011.
I'll be broadcasting live to you on Saturday, March 19, at 11:10 am PDT.
If you can't join me at that time, you have a full twenty hours to receive my moonbeams, starting twelve hours prior and lasting twelve hours afterward.
My moonbeams will be sumptuous for you to revel in.
Last Full Moon Broadcast of the Zodiac Year This will be my last Full Moon broadcast to you this zodiac year 2010-2011 as the Sun is completing his travels through Section 12, the last of the twelve sections.
As much time as you can set aside for yourself on Saturday March 19, relish in it.
With my moonbeams showering you, it's time to reflect on the zodiac year and the shifts in consciousness you went through to get you to where you are today.
Have You Become More Beautiful This Year? If you've been embracing my moonbeams for the last zodiac year, you've become more beautiful both inward and in your outer expressions.
Beauty, in all its many creative expressions was the theme of the year, with all zodiac teachers activating in you their special expression of Beauty.
The imminent arrival of the Goddess of Love was announced as Beauty is an outer expression of Love.
Vernal Equinox All Zodiac Signs Are Present On the Vernal Equinox, Pisces along with all the other Zodiac teachers come together to pervade the strip of cosmos that the Sun will be traveling through during the 2011-2012 zodiac year which will divide into twelve sections again.
That's when we'll find out the quality or theme that the Sun will be immersing himself in for the entire year.
What we do know already is that the Sunwas under the influence of the Goddess of Love last year;as the theme was beauty.
What Will the New Quality Be for the Upcoming Year? Tune in on the Vernal Equinox to find out what the 2011-2012 quality will be as then you can get going discovering this quality in you and expressing it in many different ways.
The zodiac teachers will be there guiding you all the way.
It promises to be a year unlike any other year, as Aquarius the facilitator of the zodiac teachers for the next 2100 years has already announced the turn over of the Zodiac signs to their feminine aspect.
Aries the Ram Acquiesces to the Aries Ewe Goddess No longer will you be striving to express the strong, powerful parts of yourself, but you'll feel compelled to embrace the love within you.
Just imagine, on the Vernal Equinox, Aries the Ram with all its strength and power as an adventurer and pioneer will be acquiescing to Aries the Ewe Goddess.
Oh, don't think the Ram is going to be leaving; he's just going to move to the background, in full support of the Aries Ewe Goddess taking her place on the cosmic stage.
Goddess Self of Each Zodiac Sign Aquarius, the leader and facilitator of the Aquarian Age will be right there mentoring and tutoring not only Aries but each and every zodiac teacher just how to make the transition to their Goddess self.
Moon Goddess Working with Aquarius Aquarius has enlisted me in this endeavor of helping the Zodiac signs shift from their most strong sides to their most gentle, loving aspects.
I know how difficult it was being propelled out front by the Old Man in the Moon as he turned over to me.
It felt so freeing to be in the lead, but I was most skimpy on the "how to".
But then Aquarius teamed with me, helping me come up with an Aquarius scientific formula to teach you how to connect and embrace my moonbeams which resulted in my magical 7 day New Moon and Full Moon formulas.
Scientific Formulas for Every Zodiac Sign Aquarius will be helping each of the Zodiac signs come up with their Aquarian scientific formulas so you can connect with each of them also and implement the transmissions they will be sending you.
It will be a zodiac year like nothing you have ever experienced.
Make sure you're ready by spending time with me on my Full Moon March 19, consciously ending the last year.
Let Go Let go of what would not be an asset for you to take with you as you start to the New Year.
Also make sure you've reflected so you know what you do want to take with you, whether it's where you live, the people in your life or your ideals.
The Vernal Equinox occurs less than 24 hours after I finish my Full Moon moonbeams, at 4:11 pm PDT.
Be ready to fully embrace all that the Vernal Equinox will have to offer.

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