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Mirage DE Coupe Engine Specs

    Engine Specs

    • The 2000 Mirage DE Coupe has a 1,468 cc, 1.5-liter, 4-cylinder inline engine. It has a 75.5mm bore and an 82mm stroke. The engine's compression ratio is 9:1. The car's maximum power is 92 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 93 foot-pounds of torque. The engine order code is 4G15.

    Performance Specs

    • The 2000 Mirage DE Coupe has a five-speed manual transmission and a front-wheel drive drivetrain. The car's first gear ratio is 3.583:1 and the fifth gear ratio is .804. Its transmission has a reverse ratio of 3.416:1. The Mirage's turning diameter is 34.8 feet wall to wall and 32.8 feet curb to curb.

    Other Specs

    • The Mirage DE Coupe's cooling system has a total capacity of 4.4 qt. The electrical system's max alternator capacity is 80 amp and the cold cranking amp at zero degrees Fahrenheit is 420. The max tongue weight for trailering is 100 lbs., and the max trailer weight is 1000 lbs.

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