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What Is Article Marketing And Why Should I Do It?

Article marketing is an important method used by internet marketers. Article marketing is used to promote websites and is also used to get more powerful backlinks to your website. I'm always being asked if article marketing works anymore. And the answer is yes article marketing still works and if done correctly can definitely launch your website to the top of the search engines. But I want to talk about what article marketing actually is and why you should do it if you're an internet marketer.

Article marketing is something internet marketers do to get their websites higher in the search engines. What they do is create articles and then they submit them to the top article marketing directories. They don't submit just any article they submit articles that are relevant to their website so they can benefit from them. These articles will then be distributed to webmasters and publishers to use them for their website content. What they do is they create an article relevant to their website then at the end of the article they put a link back to their website. After they submit it to top article directories they get instant backlinks to their website.

Now why should you do article marketing? Well for one reason this is free to do if you create your articles yourself. If you do article marketing correctly one submitted article can return multiple high quality backlinks to your websites. As I said before publishers and webmasters can also use these articles but have to leave the link back to your website when they use your article. Also article directories carry a great deal of respect in the search engines. What this means is the search engines take the links on article directories seriously; meaning that if you have a link to your website on an article directory then your website must be important too. This gives your website more trust with the search engines as well. This in turn will drive more traffic to your site either through the article itself or through the search engines. You can even control the anchor text as well. Controlling the anchor text means using your keyword for site as the link text that will bring people and the search engines to your website.

As I said before you must submit your articles to the top article directories. You don't want to submit to small article directories because they don't have as much trust in the search engines as the top ones do. You must do this to get the maximum amount of benefit from these articles. I would suggest submitting your article to ezine articles, goarticles, and articlecity. These are the best article directories that I have found on the internet. If you didn't want to submit to multiple directories I would recommend to submit your article to ezine articles because they are the biggest and most respected article directory on the web. You can submit your article to others but ezine articles is a must to benefit from article marketing.

There it is, all your answers for article marketing. At first article marketing can be a bit confusing but once you start creating articles and submitting them to article directories you will begin to see what a big impact it has on your websites. Start creating your articles and begin to see your profits skyrocket and your search engine rankings go straight to the top of the search engine result pages.

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