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Mind Mapping While On The Road

Mind mapping wherever, whenever.
That sounds really interesting.
I want to discuss three ways with you to create mind maps wherever you are.
Here are first four basic guidelines a tool has to offer me to create mind maps: 1.
Create any type of mind map.
Easy to carry around and 247 at my disposal 3.
Allows easy mind mapping.
Require hardly any training to use (when you know about mind mapping) For me, mobile visual mapping is something that helps me to capture my thoughts and ideas.
I am not really looking for a tool that lets me map together with others.
When I do that, I want to have a nice big computer screen or white board to use.
Here are three types of mapping solutions that will help you and me in this.
Mind Mapping On Your Laptop/Net book
Of course you can create mind maps on a laptop.
You have a big screen and you can probably use your favorite mind map tool.
Add to this the advantage of probably using the same license as you have for your desktop and you have a wonderful combination: low cost and your own tool! However...
when I have to carry my laptop around to capture my thoughts...
most of my immediate and most powerful thoughts are lone gone the moment I have my tool ready to capture them.
Using a net book is a much better solution.
These computers are build to give faster results and need less time to boot.
Another advantage is that these computers are smaller and easier to carry around.
The screen size is probably not that impressive (10 inch), but still, it gets the job done! Create any type of mind map - 8 Easy to carry around and 247 at my disposal -4 Allows easy mind mapping - 8 Requires hardly any training to use - 8  End score: 7 2.
Mind Mapping On Your Mobile Phone
Most of us have a mobile phone.
The latest models offer lots of features that make visual mapping much easier.
You may have used tools on your older mobile phone before.
I even used to create mind maps on my Palm PDA (back in the days).
The biggest advantage was that you could 'instantly' work on my maps.
The device was small and I believe it even used a color display.
Still, there were some drawbacks back then.
The maps created were not really the most powerful looking mind maps.
And please, don't talk about zooming in and out.
The screen resolution was not that impressive compared to mobile phones nowadays.
Yes, if you were a true software mind mapper then, you had to endure some difficulties.
Looking at the mobile phones now, we have a much more powerful 'computer' with a much better display.
The resolution is a lot higher and the size of the screen is almost the same.
You can even get touch screen solutions! Think about the iPhone for instance.
There are more and more tools available that allow visualizing your information on your iPhone.
Since I don't have an iPhone I can only tell you what I heard from others.
The tools created are nice.
Though not as powerful as the 'real thing' your desktop.
Still, they allow you to create  overviews that can even be exported to tools like for instance Mind Manager.
Don't expect to make too fancy overviews.
Most of the tools only offer a rudimentary mapping solution.
The boot time of a mobile tool is normally only the time it takes for you to press a button (within a few seconds).
Then you simply create your map.
The mobile phones offer many hours of mapping time (if needed).
You probably won't need too much time.
After all, a mind map created on the road is only for capturing your thoughts.
Here are the results of this type of mind mapping: Create any type of mind map - 5 Easy to carry around and 247 at my disposal - 10 Allows easy mind mapping - 8 Requires hardly any training to use - 7  End score: 7.
The Good Old Pen And Paper
You didn't think I would forget this one, right? This solution for mapping on the road is only available, oh...
, I don't know...
a couple of thousand years??? In fact...
before there was paper people even used walls to visualize their ideas to others and themselves! For most of my on the road visualizing I rely on my good old notebook.
I bought a few empty hardcover books (here in The Netherlands we call them dummies).
Basically, they are misprints.
Before they were really misprints (books without content).
Now they make them on purpose to sell them.
I really love these.
My notebooks are small (about 1/4 of an A4 sheet).
This means they are easy to carry along.
I clip a pen to it and no one can stop me from capturing my thoughts and ideas! Most people know all they need to know about visualizing their information and have no problem using a notebook.
That is why I won't go into this any deeper.
Here are the results for this method of mobile mind mapping: Create any type of mind map - 10 Easy to carry around and 247 at my disposal - 9 Allows easy mind mapping - 10 Requires hardly any training to use - 10  End score: 9.
Conclusion Of the three solutions, there is at first not that much difference between the notebook and the mobile phone.
Where the phone is always around, the notebook offers better mapping features.
It is probably no big surprise that mapping on paper is the easiest method for capturing your thoughts when on the road.
Yes, I know that people who want to review their information, or who like to create (huge) mind maps that need to be shared probably like to use a software solution.
Still, when you are looking for a powerful, cheap and always available tool to capture your thoughts and ideas...
think of your good-old notebook!

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