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Another Direction is an inventive film production company with significant in-house visual effects capabilities. We are inspired professionals here, and we take up every project with an aim to give it a resourceful end. We are a team of experts in direction, writing, animation, technicians and artists. We acquire in-depth knowledge of all the skills in all parts of production pipeline starting from the creative stage to distribution or production of the project. In the recent years we have increased our output capabilities and moved towards building high-end photorealistic results and are still in-house working more precisely on it. Aiding a service or product through videos is one of the powerful medium for advertising. In the past recent years, it has been proved that as per user's interest they prefer to watch a video more curiously then going for reading the text along. And we understand that companies now require a video that is just different from others and fresh to see. We can offer you best services for mounting your profits, sales and getting a wide exposure in the market for your message. Presently, social media has served in making videos a valuable tool for organizations seeking to promote their message to the target audiences.
We at €Another Direction' are experienced creative professionals and we consider ourselves able to craft the text, storyline and audio effects carefully to make the site creative, noticeable and appealing. We are a prolific film production company based in London. Our services cover idea generation, script development, animation, motion graphics, editing and distribution, through to live-action filming. We are here to provide you with videos that are just near to realism and portray the same as required by you. We believe and try our best to get photo-real visual effects that bring products and environments to life. We stay to give life to your idea. If you really are fervent about film-making, then you have just stepped at the right path. We are inquisitive, edgy and willing to add something to your ideas to make it something new, something that would just be as you wished for or even more of that. We will do it for you, however tough a task might look like. Video production companies in London may be many, but you won't get such passionate and fair team and deal anywhere. Video production is a very crucial part of promotion or may be a message, or a film, until you are making that video right you cannot proceed for best. Videos are an important medium nowadays, as you can send air anything you want to share, any message or promoting a product, anything. You just require a superior video that would present your message to the audiences. We at €Another Direction' are extremely sure of giving the results that would add points your portfolio.
We have team of collaborators that are upbeat, energetic and innovative for their work. You will surely get along working again with us once you come. We understand your need of broadcasting your business information on internet.

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