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19th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

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      A 19th wedding anniversary, though on the cusp of the 20-year milestone, still represents a lengthy and strong commitment between the married couple and calls for a celebration. Likely, you will not want to go too overboard, being that you will not want to have to outdo it the following year. But a sweet and romantic anniversary is still in order.


    • Because the traditional gift for the 19th anniversary is bronze, consider utilizing this when selecting an anniversary gift. For the husband, bronze cuff links or a tie tack would be both an elegant gift as well as a keepsake. For a woman, consider a bronze pendant or bracelet. For an inexpensive, though possibly time-intensive gift idea, consider collecting pennies from each year of their marriage and arranging them artistically in a frame. Because the traditional20th anniversary gift is porcelain, give the couple or your spouse a taste by selecting one piece of a fine china set as a gift, the rest of the collection will follow in the next year.


    • Play off the number 19 in celebrating your anniversary. Give your wife a bouquet of 19 roses, or give your husband a set of 19 quality golf balls. Create a coupon book full of 19 pages of thoughtful coupons, such as a massage, night of doing the dishes or a day of looking after the dog. Format another coupon book of 19 dates, for example, one coupon for a trip to a movie, one day of hiking, one dinner out, one dinner in, and so on.


    • Since you may be planning a grand outing or trip for the 20th anniversary milestone, do something more low key for 19 years. Revisit your first date by going to the place you first met, first had dinner, or had your first movie. Go for a walk in a park or hiking trail that you used to frequent while dating and have a picnic. Cook dinner together and snuggle on the couch to re-watch your wedding video.

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