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How to Develop a Solid Campaign Message

A campaign message is NOT the same thing as a campaign slogan.
A campaign message doesn't have to but pretty or concise, as you will not be sharing it with anyone but your campaign staff through your written campaign plan.
It should, however, say exactly what you want to say with your campaign.
It is the dramatic action - the driving force - of your campaign.
It should be the words that embody of all your motivation for running for office.
While it doesn't have to be short, you should limit it to a couple of descriptive sentences.
You don't want to try and jam too much into your campaign message and dilute it.
Step 1 - Determine Your Passion Why are you running for office? What gets your political motor running? What issue is the one issue you care most about in the whole world? Figure out your big ticket issue, and then list a few more - 3 to 5 is fine - in order of importance to you.
Step 2 - Find Your District's Key Issue Take a look at the demographics and economics of your district.
What makes your community tick? Are there any issues that are causing major problems for your constituents? Maybe Planned Parenthood is trying to build an abortion clinic in your biggest city.
Maybe the schools are floundering and in desperate need of reorganization.
Perhaps a large factory employing a great percentage of your constituents just shut down and moved operations overseas.
List these out in order of importance as well.
Step 3 - Cross reference the lists Take a look at both lists and figure out which issues match each other.
For example, if lower taxes is on your personal list and job loss and economic stagnation is a top issue for your district, your campaign message couldbe: Cut taxes on individuals and businesses to provide immediate relief to taxpayers and attract new business to the area.
Figure out where your passions and the needs and interests of your district intersect, and capitalize on it.
Once you've figured out your campaign message, you can start working on a snappy campaign slogan to get your message across succinctly.
Some helpful tips:
  • Don't highlight more than 3 issues in your campaign message, if you can keep it to 1, that's excellent.
  • The more issues in the campaign message, the shorter the campaign slogan.
    Trust me on this one.
  • Don't let your campaign message be about something you don't care strongly about.
    People will see through you.
  • Don't ever campaign or politick on issues you are personally opposed to.

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