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How to Freeze Wedding Cake in Tupperware

    • 1). Remove all embellishments from the cake. This includes items such as fresh flowers, a cake topper, ribbons, and anything else besides icing.

    • 2). Place the cake in a Tupperware container and refrigerate it overnight.

    • 3). Wrap the entire piece of cake in plastic wrap. If the piece is very large, cut it into smaller pieces. Tightly cover the cake with plastic wrap so that no air can seep in.

    • 4). Place the wrapped cake in either a 1 gallon-sized zip-close bag, or wrap it in foil. These should provide the same amount of protection, so use whichever you prefer.

    • 5). Remove any excess air from the zip-close bag, if you chose this method. If you went with tin foil instead, make sure that you wrapped in tightly enough that no air can seep though, the same as you did in step 3.

    • 6). Place the cake in a Tupperware container. Put the lid on and make sure that it is sealed tightly.

    • 7). Mark the container so that you don't forget what is in there and accidentally throw it away.

    • 8). Place the container in the freezer and remove it on your first wedding anniversary.

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