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Vinyl Lettering for Walls - Decorative Tiles

Vinyl lettering for walls has a lot of different uses for you creative souls out there.
Aside from just decorating your walls and car windows, you can follow the instructions in this article to learn how to make a ceramic floor tile decoration that makes a great gift.
To do this project you need to go to a hardware store, we got ours at Home Depot, and pick out a ceramic floor tile.
You want a tile that is relatively smooth and has a color that contrasts nicely with your vinyl sticker.
They usually have a good variety of tiles that you can choose from.
I like to use a 12" by 12" or an 18" by 18" one.
Your vinyl sticker needs to be at least 2 inches smaller than your tile both horizontally and vertically.
You will want to make sure your tile is clean and completely dry.
Try using a window cleaner like Windex to clean your tile.
It does a great job of cleaning off junk and dries fast.
Choose a vinyl lettering design that is pre-made or design your own.
You can use a free graphics editor or even a word processing program.
Put your tile flat on a surface like a table (if you don't want it to scratch the surface you place it on put a towel under it).
Carefully peel off the shiny backing on your vinyl sticker.
Take care to line up the sticker on your tile so it is straight.
When you have the sticker lined up slowly put it on the tile and completely run it down to make sure there are no trapped air bubbles.
Peel off the opaque vinyl application tape and you are done.
It's super fast and super easy.
Vinyl lettering on tiles looks amazing and makes a great gift for a wedding.

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