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Developing Passion

Passion for anything you want to have, be or do occurs at the very moment you get a peek at the potential for the goal.
Whether your goal is self-improvement, a project, a mission or any other worthy objective.
My mission with these articles is to give you a peek at your own potential.
A fleeting look at what you are able to have, to do and to become.
Once I have accomplished that goal, there will be born within you a spark of passion.
When you fan that spark it will grow into a burning desire that no one can stop.
Those with a burning desire have persistence and they reach their goals, every time.
How do you develop passion?Well I was recently asked that question so I sat and thought about it for a while and came up the following: 1.
Know what you truly want and develop a plan to get it.
During the course of my life a number of pivotal events have developed passion deep with me.
The birth of my first daughter, the death of my second daughter, hearing the applause of an appreciative audience for the first time, the list goes on and on.
While each of these events sparked a life changing passion, most of the time my passion comes from a careful review of my dreams, desires and goals.
What do I want out of life?Where do I want to be in 1, 2 or 5 years?A careful review of your goals (long and short-term), and the development of a detailed plan to attain them will do wonders do develop the passion you need.
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Daily action toward your goals.
Once you have completed step one, (remember in 100% of the cases I have found that anyone that will not take step one...
will never get to step two) and developed the plans to reach your goals.
Take DAILY steps towards their attainment.
As you take these daily steps, your goal will become increasingly closer, increasingly more real, more vivid and more enticing.
This will fuel your excitement, enthusiasm and your commitment to follow through on your goals until they are attained.
A bonus gift here is, with each step you complete, each little success you achieve, your self-confidence and self-esteem will increase.
It is a like a river feeding itself.
Complete a step, feel better, gain confidence and passion, become more committed to your goal then take the next step towards the goal.
Then you complete another step, feel better, gain confidence and passion, become more committed to your goal then take the next step towards it.
Are you seeing the pattern here? 3.
Direct your passion.
The next time you are passing a construction site take a moment to notice the immense power of the vehicles at work there.
Dump trucks, tractors, and cranes to name a few.
Each weighing tons and able to move far more than their weight across a road, up hundreds of feet into the air or down the freeway at considerable speeds.
The next time you see one of these powerful vehicles roaring down the highway, take a quick look at the driver behind the wheel.
All 180-220 pounds of him (or her) controlling all that power.
What would happen if you were to remove that driver from the steering wheel?The power would be rendered useless, or worse yet would roll on without regard to its surroundings reeking havoc until it came to a crashing halt.
We need to be at the helm of our passion, making effective use of the power our passion holds, much like the driver of those massive vehicles.
Effectively steering your passion synergizes all of your great qualities into a finely tuned 'machine'.
Each of these qualities working in harmony with the other.
Creating an overall 'power' within you that is greater than each of your qualities individually.
So bring your passion to focus on your goal.
History is filled with stories of average everyday men and women who have accomplished great things with little more than a passion in their hearts and a goal in their head.
Apply your passion to goal, job, profession, family or yourself and you will see the difference between just getting by and real success.
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