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Start a Paid Membership Site in Under an Hour

Yes, it is possible to set up your entire membership site in under one hour.
I've done it a number of times! And you can, too.
You just have to be sure to use the right membership software and then decide on your membership model.
And remember, you don't have to fill your site with content when you start; you just have to stay one month ahead of your oldest members.
If you are starting your first paid membership site, then consider starting small.
So many people with awesome ideas get scared off before they start by the idea of having to create loads of content each week or month forever.
The never-endingness of it all just seems like too much.
But you don't have to spend days (or weeks or months) to create a membership site that goes on and on.
In fact, it's probably better - and more profitable - if you don't.
The industry average for length of membership of a typical member is 3 to 4 months.
That means that even if you have a membership website that has 24 months of content, your average customer won't ever get beyond month 4.
You may have some fanatical fans who join and pay you forever, but most of your members will quit around month 3 or 4, with some stopping their membership before that time, and a few sticking around longer.
It's just the way it is...
So instead of starting a paid membership site that will add new content every month with no end in sight, plan to set up a smaller, focused site.
Do you have a product you deliver digitally? Great! Put it inside a membership site.
Perhaps you have a series of lessons you teach on a topic.
That's another great membership site right there.
Instead of getting access to all of the content when they log in (like your digital download site), they get content dripped to them over a few weeks or months.
When it takes you under an hour to set up your site, including adding your initial content, it's no big deal to use membership sites in many ways in your business.
We set up a membership site routinely behind most of our product opt-in and sales pages now, and deliver the related products from there.
Our sites are all set up on WordPress blogs, so they are super simple to create and it's very easy to add content to them as needed.
Then we add a membership software solution on top of that WordPress blog that works seamlessly with it to manage our memberships.
And we can do it all in under one hour, from buying the domain name to installing WordPress and setting it up, installing the membership software, and loading our first content.

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