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Can Qi Gong Cure Cancer?

When I was invited to speak at the annual Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) Conference I was more than happy to share all I could with the group about Medical Qi Gong and how it can play an important into a patents recovery.
Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) is a new approach to treating cancer that involves no new drug products.
The therapy uses insulin, and takes advantage of the powerful, cell-killing effects of ordinary chemotherapy drugs, used in very low doses.
Today a well-informed physician has to know a holistic platform of integrated healing modalities to support the body and the immune system plus Spirituality; Mind/Body; Immunity; Nutrition; Detox; Lifestyle; and Exercise.
A totally integrated program is a must, as cancer and chronic disease treatment is most effective when it focuses on strengthening and growing good cells rather than just killing bad ones.
The conference was a unique opportunity to learn of the best therapies, techniques and approaches that Integrative Cancer Care has to offer.
When I treat a patient no matter whether they are looking for anti-aging treatments, recovering from a disease like cancer or any degenerative disease, I always work to balance the internal terrain.
If you had a garden in your backyard and the soil was very acid and had very little vitamins or minerals (clay and sand) in it, you wouldn't expect to get much of a harvest.
You could still grow something, but the plants would grow poorly and as far as getting any healthy fruits or vegetables your chances would be slim.
On the other hand, if your garden soil was alkaline had proper vitamins, minerals, air and water- your chances of getting a Bumper Harvest would be great.
I have been growing organic gardens for years.
The key is the soil.
Of course it needs air, water, and sunlight, but if the soil is in bad shape.
You will get bugs, weeds and insignificant unhealthy plants.
The soil is of utmost importance.
In the human body it's the same your biological.
Terrain is the key to being healthy and staying healthy.
If you are still eating the junk food diet that you ate in high school and collage it's time to open your eyes.
You are poisoning your garden.
We need good healthy food to stay healthy.
Make food your medicine and you will have a better shot at staying healthy.
Get clean air and water into your body and your health garden will grow.
If you have a poor internal terrain (Bad soil) your health will reflect it.
Balance the terrain and the body will go towards health.
At the conference I was asked to share my knowledge of Energy medicine, Medical Qi Gong and Chinese internal exercises and acupuncture as well as the importance of a proper internal terrain balancing the Ph.
The doctors who attended were the top physicians in alternative oncology, MD's, DO, Naturopath Doctors, Doctors of Oriental Medicine and a few members of the general public, everyone there knew the importance of exploring and using all the healing modalities when necessary to cure and balance a patients body, mind and spirit.
I Wish you the Best in your Health, Wealth and happiness Dr.
Wu Dhi

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