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Men Seeking Men Online At Gay Personals Sites

As recently as five years ago, gays and even lesbians were widely unaccepted in the society. They were alienated and hated. They were social outcasts. But things change first and so does behaviors. Today's society finds itself at a loss with the emerging social trends particularly regarding sexual relationships. Majority of the people are still grappling to come to terms with these trends. Online dating sites for gays are coming up each day. The number of men seeking men online has grown exponentially in recent times.

What was unthinkable in the past is nowadays normal. Gays have opened up and declared their sexual orientation. This has led to popular debates on homosexuality. While some are opposed to gay dating websites, others feel that they are good as they serve the needs of a minority group in the society that has been hated and unaccepted for long. The church is totally against them while moralists' opinion is divided with some opposing and others supporting them.

The main reason why guys look for guys online is the anonymous nature of the internet. The individuals cannot just go out openly as is the case with male-female relationships. They fear being hated and victimized. Due to the negative attitude attached to gays, they find solace in the internet. It is easy, cheap and most importantly to them, it is almost absolutely anonymous.

The websites have been set up by non gay people who are basically entrepreneurs. They have identified a market gap and it the one they are trying to fill by offering what has been missing for long. They play a passive role in hooking these people as all they do is to offer them a platform on which they meet and communicate. It is clear that not all members of these sites are gay as some just enroll for fun.

Gay dating site have thus emerged in high numbers to take advantage of this opportunity. They simply advertise their services over other websites and through the general media advertising platforms. They then enroll members who they link by offering a chat platform. Though they do not exclusively accommodate gay people, they divide their site into categories and the gay categories have been rising in popularity.

As the societal norms change by accepting and integrating gay relationships and marriages, gay dating sites are going to further increase in number. These sites normally charge daily, weekly, monthly or in some cases, annual subscription fees. The fact that they do not offer the services for free implies that the gay really need these services. They are willing and ready to spend money in order to get partners.

These gay dating sites are receiving much criticism from the church and other lobby groups opposed to homosexuality and same sex marriages. They are however legal businesses according to the law as they are lawfully registered. The church therefore feels that the government is wrong and is the one responsible for the high increase of homosexuality in the recent past.

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