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Minneapolis Internet Marketing

Minneapolis Internet Marketing
[] - Minneapolis Internet Marketing company, owned by Paul DeBernardi, a Certified Internet Consultant is part of the Global WSI Internet Marketing group.

Hi, Paul DeBernardi here. I hope you’re having a GREAT day today… thanks for giving a listen to my little video put together to tell you quickly and succinctly what My small business can do for Your small business.
Well, like this video for example. It’s pretty impressive what green screen technology can bring to your image isn’t it? The possible settings are simply unlimited. It’s very cool. And video is one of the best things you can do to make your web site grab the attention of prospective customers who stop by to visit your site. Are you thinking about video? Well, we can help you. Just give us a call. But don’t run away yet. There’s just a few other things I want to tell you before you have to run.
My Minneapolis Internet Marketing business makes me a part of one of the largest Internet solutions providers in the world today. We’re ranked #1 10 years in a row by Entrepreneur Magazine. So trust me. We can help you. And as I just alluded to, my Minneapolis Internet Marketing company focuses like a laser beam on helping the small to medium business become more profitable quickly. We help businesses like yours squeeze every potential lead and every single customer out of your Internet connection that’s possible.

Now I know times are challenging right and money is tight, for me to, which only makes it all that more important to move the tightly controlled money that your presently spending on things like expensive Yellow Page ads, pricey 4-color direct mail pieces, expensive cold call campaigns, or snazzy trade show displays over to your Internet connection. Let’s save some money together.
My Minneapolis Internet Marketing company is all about return on investment. It’s about the return on investment that you’re getting right now from both your traditional marketing spend and yes, from your present Internet site as well.
Let me ask you a few quick questions…
When was the last time you looked at the reports that tell you how your Web site’s performing? Ever?

Does your Web site show up on page one in Google searches, and are you running pay-per-click advertising?
And even more importantly…is your Web site presenting the image that you want for your company.

Is it persuasive? Is it driving your visitors to a clear call-to-action? In other words, is it successfully converting your Web site visitors to customers or at least to solid leads for an immediate follow-up.

Are you using E-mail to thank and inform your customers and to nurture your leads? You should be. It’s effective…and it’s really cheap.
And finally, how about this one.

Okay. So what do we do? We help small Minnesota businesses grow faster for a lot less money by more effectively leveraging the Internet.
And we’re not just about Web sites. I’m a highly experienced marketing professional who’s helped companies market their brand and their products on the Internet for over 16 years. Check out our Website at Thanks a lot. Give me a call.

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