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Why Do Some Women Stay With Men Who Abuse Them?

A woman plays many roles in her life.
Sometimes she is sister, sometimes mother, sometimes daughter and sometimes wife.
Every woman is unique.
Then also, many women abuse cases come into existence especially in Asian countries.
This is shocking to know that many countries are facing the problem of inappropriate sex ratio of men and women.
That is, population of women is decreasing as compare to men in many Asian countries.
Then also, women in these countries stay in abusive relationships forcibly.
There are many reasons for which they try to sustain themselves in these relationships and those reasons are: · Social and Mental pressure: A society plays a major role in the upcoming of a child and the family.
If a society is educated and broad-minded then, everyone in the society enjoys equal rights whether it is a man or a woman.
However, we found very rare societies like these in developing countries because of which inequalities are always arising in such societies.
These inequalities made a woman to thrive in abusive relationship whether she is happy or not.
According to these societies, a woman who sustains her relationship at any cost bears respect in the society.
A society expects tolerance from a woman as an answer to man's abusive nature.
If a woman complaints or file for divorce from her husband then she is considered wrong and ill-mannered by the society and the family members.
That is why in many cases due to mental pressure created by the society over women force women to live in abusive relationship with men.
· Lack of Self Dependency: This is the major cause of abusive relationships among the uneducated as well as educated Women.
Women depend on men for many things economically as well as socially.
A man forces a woman to follow the rites and rituals according to the society or according to their family.
Female sex killing is one of the best examples of this kind of dependency.
Family members and husband too, expect a son from woman and force her to kill the baby if it is a female sex.
Secondly, in case of educated Women when, they do jobs outside, their husbands force them to pay them what they earn monthly.
This also makes Women financially dependent on husbands.
· Terror of Husband: Women fear to lodge complaint and take necessary action against their husbands because of the terror of their husbands.
They afraid that if they step out of their house and lodge complaint against them then they will be threatening them and their children and make her life more complicated.
This terror force a woman to stay in abusive relationship with the abusive husband.
At last I want to conclude this article by mentioning that maintaining social and family values is good thing to save our culture but, to save it at the cost of someone's life is not the right way to do.
Each person whether a man or a woman should enjoy their right living in their own way and not by sacrificing it for the sake of superstitious and suspicious family values which have no means.

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