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Unconventional Link Building Strategies

The process of getting website owners to place a link going to your website is called link building. It is an integral part of search engine optimization. As webmasters would tell you, the more inbound link you have means higher page rank.
Of course, it is not all about quantity. You have to make sure that the websites that links to yours are of high quality. That is one element that search engine considers when ranking. For this reason alone, you would really have to take effort for your link building campaign. Here are some unconventional link building strategies that can be added to you usual task for better results:
Create Lists
Make articles that consist of lists. This always interests the readers. You can consider topics like tips, list of resources, facts, myths and list of people that are experts in their field. These kinds of topics are the most dugg compared to counterparts. You dont need a 1,500-word article to be able to impress the readers.
Pay Per Click Campaign
You may also opt to use pay per click campaign. When using this attack, it almost always that the visitors that come to your site that clicked your ad belongs to your target market or in your field. Relevant traffic most likely will link to your website.
Syndicate you articles at reputable article sites and industry news sites. It is an advantage for you to have links from these sites because they usually rank highly and send highly qualified traffic.
You can also create a press release but make sure that it is newsworthy and was written well. If not, you will just be wasting your time. Remember that journalists and bloggers personally read press releases before they publish it.
Contribute to Tag-related Sites
Tag-related sites are mostly social bookmarking sites. The visitors will first pick a tag or a category and if he/she finds the website that you submitted to be interesting, chances are they will digg it. The more popular your website gets, the higher possibility of people linking to your site.
Meme Trackers
You may use meme trackers to know the latest trend. Write about these topics, of course with original content, and you may be included as one of the sources of meme trackers. This means another link to your site.
Local Links
Use local resources and businesses for you link building campaign. You may submit your website to your local chamber of commerce, governmental resources, to your business partners such as your manufacturer and retailer, and even to your local librarys website. Another strategy is to find a business on the same field that is not a direct competitor and build alliance. You may recommend each other by placing links on their respective websites.

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