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How to Test a Hard Drive Read Speed

    • 1). Download and install the speed testing software onto your computer by following the manufacturer's instructions.

    • 2). Choose a source and destination file if necessary. Not all programs will require that you choose the files which information will be copied to and from. If it does, you can create two new files and locate them on your desktop. Go to "My Computer" and click "New File". Create two new files naming one "A" and one "B". Drag and drop these files onto your desktop.

    • 3). Select file "A" from the drop-down box beside "Source". Select file "B" from the drop down box beside "Destination". Select the "Kill Destination File" check box if you would like the copied information to be delete after the software has finished the speed test. The information that will be deleted is irrelevant and will not cause any harm to your computer if you choose to keep it or trash it.

    • 4). Select the "Block Size" and "Number of Blocks". The program will multiply the block size by the number of blocks to determine the size of the file to be copied. For example, if you chose 10 as the block size and 24 as the number of blocks, the size of the file to be copied would be 240 MB.

    • 5). Click "Start". The program will now copy the information from file "A" to file "B" and calculate the speed of the copy. The information will be presented once the test is completed.

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