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Spending More Quality Time With Your Children While Working at Home

Being a parent entails a lot of responsibilities and sacrifices. Sacrifice comes in many forms. No matter what we decide to do with our lives we end up sacrificing something for the good of the whole. From a young age we are told to go to college to obtain a degree. After college we spend a good amount of time building a career. We work long hours, sacrifice relationships, and put off having children. Thus, you as a mother knows the pain of leaving your children for work most especially during those times that you feel they need you most. It's like missing a chance of their growing up days. But slowly, children tend to get used to the fact that part of growing up is drifting apart. And one concrete example is when they see their parents leave for work to earn a living.

As time goes by, it would just somehow amaze you how they would get tired running after you, or how they outgrow of their separation anxiety. It's a good sign though, they are growing up, but do you feel that you're sort of missing something? Mothers have to decide if the family would benefit from them returning to work. This is a choice full of sacrifices. If they go back to work, they sacrifice the need to be home with their child. Most working moms make sure they have time with their children but are viewed as putting their careers first. Being a working mom means that they may not make it to every event. This is a sacrifice that tears most moms apart. Balancing it all can be tough.

If your husband is the one doing all the corporate or office stuff or any career job outside your home, it might be hard for you to cope up with your expenses at home. Let's face it, our country is facing a tremendous breakdown in the economy, lots of people are losing their jobs yet the oil prices or the groceries continue to rise. Unfair as it may seem, but it is the fact of life. But what if the worst will come and your other half will be affected? Do you have a back-up plan to cope up with the expenses?

What can you do to protect yourself in times of recession? Having a secure job or a business is number one. We can't all have a secure job or business; however it is something to consider and do what you can to ensure you have one.

Many of you moms out there might be considering a work at home job to start making money online. Proven home based business is definitely a big help not just in developing your self-esteem as a person but also strengthening you relationships with your children. As if managing the household is not hard enough, they add money-making endeavor into the equation. Despite the challenges, there are more and more moms choose to engage themselves in proven home based businesses. The appeal is there: they are able to spend more time with their children while figuring out on a work schedule that is flexible enough to accommodate the family time and household management.

The internet plays a main tool in the success of proven home based businesses. With the economy in shambles and unemployment on the rise, is now a good time to start a business? Yes, if you choose smartly a proven home based business that can allow you to thrive financially while still having the flexibility that will allow you to be there with your family. Make use of the cyber world by doing freelance writing or blogging. Many people make extra money with freelance writing, and some make a career out of. There are many places that you'll be able to sell your work, both online and offline. Also consider affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you get a commission of products that you sell. You can also start selling dresses and accessories or any stuff online. It is said that nowadays there are lots of internet buyers than actual mall shoppers.

If you're interested in becoming a work at home mom, it all starts by changing your mind-set. Once you set your mind on your goal, take the steps needed and just make it happen. You will be surprised at how empowering it is to start a new proven home based business where you call all the shots. There are so many stay at home moms starting and building a profitable businesses, and very successful ones I might add, from the comfort of their own home.

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