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Do You Know About Mrsa? More Important, What You Don"t Know Can Kill You

In October of 2005 I had A Hysterectomy surgery, pretty common these days ("So I thought" "Boy was I wrong".
) Since 2005 I have did extensive research on the killer called mrsa.
At the time of my so called normal operation, I did not know anything about mrsa, as a matter of fact I had never even herd of it.
But what happened to me next would changed my life forever.
Yes I had contracted Staphylococcus aureus mrsa infection during my surgery.
I did not know this at the time however, two weeks had passed when I went to my Post-Op appointment to see my doctor, I was in pain and the left side of my stomach had turned rock hard, after checking me my doctor referred me to a wound clinic.
Yes I had a closed wound with a mrsa infection and it was killing my tissue inside of me.
"Little did I know" the nightmare had just began.
After being checked at the wound clinic I was told that the the dead tissue had to be removed and they needed to reopen the incision to see how bad the dead and infectious damage was, "and so they preceded to do so" the outcome was not good.
For the next three weeks I went into the clinic everyday and they slowly removed my stomach piece by piece with a process they call debreeding and cutting away dead tissue, a very painful process but necessary I was told.
The debreeding of my wound was not working so I was scheduled for surgery to have the dead tissue removed all at once.
That first surgery did not work, they continued to cut and debreed the wound for five more weeks.
I was then scheduled for my second surgery that also did not work, I had been sick now for three months.
At that point I was put on two oral antibiotics and told once again that I needed to be scheduled for my third surgery.
This time the surgery was promising but I still was carrying mrsa and after the surgery I was now taking four oral antibiotics and I was taking a liquid antibiotic intravenously threw a pic line in my arm.
My doctor told me that she did not know if they could beat the infection, "that only time would tell.
" That was the first time' I think I really realized, how sick I really was and the first time I realized that I might die, I was scared,"no not scared that was not the right word" "I was horrified" and I was on my forth month of being sick by now.
I remember hearing that you should not take antibiotics unless you really had to because if you did you would become immune to them, I now new this was true' five antibiotic's was going into my body and no one new if it would save my life or not.
After my third surgery I had a "wound vac" attached to the 13 inch gapping hole in my stomach, it all seemed so strange, I mean I never could have imagined that a human being could actually walk around with an open wound this large and still be alive I was amazed that this kind of thing really happens to people.
But It does it happens more then you could imagine.
I was not the only person in the clinic, there were a lot of sick people in there and a lot of them had mrsa.
Mrsa is also known as the super bug, it was one of the first germs to outwit all but the most powerful drugs, mrsa infection can be fatal.
From (2001) to (2005) Approximately (89.
4 million persons) and (2.
3 millions persons) of the U.
population is colonized with mrsa.
In Hospitals An estimated 290,000 People have been hospitalized with diagnosis of mrsa infection annually in U.
Hospitals alone, these numbers do not include other Heath care facilities.
Of these approximately 128,000 hospitalizations are caused by mrsa in the United States every year.
There are country's outside of the United States where mortality rate is as high as 60% of all patients with mrsa.
(Mrsa cases) have increased dramatically, and cases of community-acquired mrsa also have been widely documented.
In (2007) a report from the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology estimates that 1.
2 million, hospital patients' are infected with mrsa each year in the United States.
They also estimate another 423,000 are colonized with it.
These numbers are astonishing to say the least.
The end of my story has started a new chapter in my life, after battling mrsa I have never looked at my life quite the same, and I will never take anything for granted ever.
It took the next two months (total 6 months since my hysterectomy surgery) of antibiotics and the wound vac, I was victorious, I was cured of the deadly infection "that tried too" and could have taken my life.
However I could not help but think of and pray for the countless others that were not as blessed as me.
The ones that had lost the fight and the ones that were still fighting mrsa the deadly killer.
That is when I started researching mrsa and finding out everything I could about this strange and deadly Infection.
(I now know mrsa for what it is) and threw reading and educating myself and telling other people my story I can help aid in the effort to raise awareness, to hopefully save someone else from going threw the same thing that happened to me, and the thousands of others that are "still fighting to survive it" or "have survived it" and the countless others that did not.

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