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Jamaican Honeymoon

Honeymooning in Jamaica is the perfect culmination of a very big event in your life.
Jamaica is the preferred destination of tourist and honeymooners from around the world with it's warm tropical climate, white sand beaches, incredible cuisine and world class accommodations Jamaica has something for all vacationers' needs, wants and desires.
There are great travel packages available for honeymooners at bargain prices.
Considering the fact that a lot of money was probably already spent on the wedding an inexpensive honeymoon package will be ideal.
There are honeymoon packages available to honeymoon in Jamaica.
One example is the Tropical Wedding Package which provides for several romantic nights at Coral Cove which is located just outside of Negril, Jamaica.
Coral Cove is a premier resort which offers several choices of villas and if you need the services of a Jamaican official, this can also be arranged for your marriage.
Another romantic package is the Love Romance Package at the same resort outside of Negril.
This package offers the honeymooner the same villas and in addition flowers, champagne, fruit and a special gift from the Coral Cove Resort.
The Love Romance Package also includes a 60 minute massage,candlelight dinners at your choice of restaurants at Coral Cove and a guided tour of Little Bay where Coral Cove is located.
These are examples of just a couple of the honeymoon vacations that are available to you in Jamaica.
There are honeymoon vacations that fit your every desire.
You may want to swim, snorkel, lie on the beach or you may want a more active water sports agenda such as jet skiing, parasailing, fishing, scuba diving, surfing, wind surfing and other activities.
There are golfing, hiking and sight-seeing activities that you can enjoy on your honeymoon.
You can go on the internet and book your honeymoon vacation on your own or you can utilize the services of a travel agent and describe to the agent exactly what you want to experience on your honeymoon.
There are many honeymoon packages to choose from at budget prices so plan well and have a wonderful fun-filled and romantic honeymoon.
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