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5 Tips For Family Backyard Camping

As a newbie in the camping world, I have learned a lot during our first family backyard camping.
The vast varieties of camping products are mind-boggling.
Who knows, there are that many types of tents, sleeping bags and sleeping pads.
It was overwhelming in the beginning but we sorted it out with the help from our friends and online information.
So I want to put this post out to help other families who are looking into venture out into the unknown of camping with kids for the first time.
Practice make perfect
If you have never camped before in your life, it's a good idea to try setting out a tent in a house or in a backyard first.
With the improvement in tent these days, it doesn't take long to put it up as long as you read the instruction carefully.
Oh! And make sure to use the right pole.
:) 2.
Buy the biggest tent you can afford
For a family of 4, a tent that sleeps 4 might be too small.
You might say but my kids are small, they don't need a lot of space.
OH! They do.
Kids love to jump and run around.
So a tent with enough headroom for you to stand up and for them to jump will give you some peace.
Otherwise, you will be yelling 'No Jumping' all day long.
Rent equipment is good but buy cheap one is better
At first, I was considering renting camping equipment from REI.
It's a good option since we don't even know if we will like it and return to the wilderness the next time.
However, after looking at the price, you can get a cheaper tent from Wal-Mart or Target.
Plus even if you might end up using it only once, you can always sell it on Craig's list or eBay.
I mean if you have money to spend, then by all means get the Hobitat from REI.
I would love to have one.
But our Coleman 8 does the job and it has plenty of room 4.
Before bedtime, everyone MUST go potty
It's not fun for a 3 AM bathroom trip even if it's just walking upstairs to your own bathroom inside the house.
Make sure all the kids and adults have done their business before light out.
Don't forget bug repellent even in your backyard
Bugs do live in your backyard as well.
So even if you don't have to get in a car and drive to  your campsite, you still need that bottle of bug repellent lotion to fight off little buggers at night.
I am the lucky person though bugs never bother me.
Maybe because they are too busy taking care of my husband.
We might need to look into some bug repellent candles or lantern.
Any recommendation? Hope you will enjoy your first backyard camping experience.

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