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How Can WikiLeaks Occur in the First Place?

Too often in academia good thoughts and original ideas are suppressed and this problem is so pervasive it inhibits forward progression and it totally robs our civilization of our future.
Now then why does this happen? Well for many reasons you see.
For instance a student at a University may have an excellent concept or original thought however, problems arise in what research projects can be funded.
You see they must fit within the parameters of the class, match the sources of funding for the University and fit within the ever increasing limits of the linear professors expertise.
You see most professors are experts in their specific niche, but not so brilliant and parallel sciences or emerging sciences, which will be affecting their arena of expertise in the future.
Thus the professor cannot allow the student to become smarter than them, even though if a student comes up with an idea for a project outside the professors realm of limited knowledge then chances are they already are.
Am I down on academia and professors? Well, yes and no really.
Yes because they hold back the human race in their arrogant and egotistical nature to propel themselves in the cut throat world of publish or parish academia and no in that we need mentors to guide our most brilliant up and coming minds you see? We need to keep track of every idea, concept and project request that every student comes up with and make a national data base so people can look these up and those in industry, government and academia can explore them through Internet searches to propel their own thought processes and thus propel mankind.
Consider this in 2006.

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