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How to Release the Fuel System Pressure in a '89 Mazda MPV

    • 1). Start the engine with the car in park.

    • 2). Detach the airflow meter electrical connector located on the meter at the end of the air intake hose under the hood if you're working on a V6 engine. Look at your vehicle title if you aren't sure which engine you have. You may have to pry the connector loose with a screwdriver because the plastic on the connection harness expands over time, but don't touch the screwdriver to the metal connectors inside the harness.

    • 3). Disconnect the electrical connector on the fuel pump located to the side of the fuel tank in the rear underside of the van if you are working on a V4 model.

    • 4). Unscrew the gas cap to the fuel tank, and you should hear a "hiss" as the system depressurizes.

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