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To Relinquish

The word: relinquish means to "let go of, yield, cede, withdraw or retreat from" (Webster's Dictionary).
I bring up this word to explain something I've learned in my life with the hope that what I explain here will help you in some way, in your life.
You see, I am a fighter.
That's the way I was raised.
I never quit, never give up.
I fight to the very end.
Therefore, for me to relinquish anything is a wimpy, cowardly thing to do.
I detest surrender.
But, I've discovered I'm wrong.
Here's why.
When I was about twenty years old I made a life-changing decision to relinquishthat is, let go of my selfish way of life and to yield to, and accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.
I soon discovered the battles of my life had not ended with that decision.
Instead, there was a major difference in my attitude toward the battles.
I soon discovered that whatever the circumstance, Jesus and I together, were always victorious.
Later, when I was about forty-four years old, my wife became ill and our doctor told us she had a large tumor in her brain that needed to be removed immediately.
After much prayer and many tearful, intimate discussion about our love, our children and our life together...
we relinquished ourselves, our lives, our love to the will of the Lord.
Before the operation, I remember reading - together with Bette - all of Romans 8 in her Bible.
When the surgery was over, Bette was in heaven with her beloved Lord Jesus and I was left here on earth.
That's when it became obvious to me that Jesus wanted me here to care for, nurture and raise our three children, His family, as Christians for His glory and His purposes.
Once again, Jesus had led us to what He knows to be an eternal victory.
Today, when someone asks me what it is like to live as a Christian I say:" Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty, well preserved body, but rather it is to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and proclaiming with a shout of victory: Wow! What a ride!" Years ago, my habit was to make a plan, figure out the details and then put the plan into action.
To go for it!What I've learned is this:to put down my plans.
Subdue my desires, and to follow along - behind Jesus.
In this way I soon reap the magnificent benefits and joys of yielding to His will.
All I have to do is say to Jesus in prayer: "Lord, not my will but Thine be done.
" In short, I'm still learning to - relinquish.
How about you?

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