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iPad VS Samsung Galaxy - The War of Extension Between Apple and Android

At the beginning of September, Apple and Google are battling each other for who is activating more devices each day.
Google is doing 200,000 a day.
Apple is doing 230,000 a day.
But Apple doubts Google's numbers.
Google says Apple is wrong.
This hasn't been finished.
Now the war between Android and Apple has been extended to the world of tablets.
Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet made its very first appearance today at IFA in Berlin on September 2 in Berlin which is built to rival with the self-considered-unchallenged iPad.
Samsung Galaxy 7 inch Tab is the first well-matched competitor of iPad through it is not the first Android Tablet.
iPad impresses customers with a couple of features, the Touch Screen and the long lasting battery.
These are the most expensive parts of iPad.
Samsung is not interior at all to iPad in terms of touch screen and battery life.
Since Samsung is the main manufacturer of the Touch Screen for iPad, Galaxy has no reason to lose out to Apple in terms of screen.
According to the specs comparison chart, Galaxy's battery lasts 7 hours while iPad last 10 hours! Don't you remember iPad does not support multitasking while Galaxy running Android does? Galaxy boasts another feature that Apple put scorn on arrogantly.
The former supports the Flash.
Apple has been blaming Adobe Flash for large CPU usage and finally chooses not to support Flash with iPad.
Though there are HTML 5 websites and brand websites like YouTube, CENT all enabled a HTML 5 version for iPad, this is not enough at all.
There are huge numbers of websites supporting flash and a white blank on the screen of iPad may frustrate more and more iPad fans.
iPad's position is sort of awkward.
Is sort of extension of iPhone but you just cannot call.
And with a touch screen of 9.
7 inches, it is clumsy to be a phone.
And I guess the reason why Galaxy is smaller in size and weight is due to the functionality of Phone.
The Galaxy integrates much more practical features with Android than Apple iPad.
The Carrier and price are not specified until now, so we cannot compare on these aspects.
According to, whether the Tab succeeds or fails will depend on its price as well as the accompanying data plan that will come with it.
And I believe that a competitive price and data plan saving customers' spending on multiple devices will result in a sure success.

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