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How to Replace Windshield Wipers in a Chevy Impala

    • 1). Purchase the Anco windshield wiper replacement kit. You can find all of the tools you need to replace the windshield wipers in the kit: blades, tools and instructions. This set is available at Auto Zone.

    • 2). Get your Chevy Impala's wipers ready to be replaced. Start the wipers and stop them when they are completely vertical. Put the key in the ACC position while you replace the windshield wipers.

    • 3). Find the tab near the center of the old wiper blade. Press on the tab and then reach in for the blade that you need to replace. Quickly pull it out of the arm.

    • 4). Slide the new Anco blade into the arm. Since this is a direct fit kit, you won't need to utilize any extra adaptors to get the part to fit. The locking studs will snap in place as you slide the Anco blade into the arm.

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